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Reviews/write-ups for the portable sun:
03 January 2012:The Fire Note
01 September 2011:beat the indie drum
Reviews/write-ups for fallacy stilts:
17 March 2011:Recent music heroes
02 February 2011:i hate the sound of guitars
27 January 2011:cementing the seams
21 January 2011:beat the indie drum
Reviews/write-ups for building your lo-fi shelter:
29 September 2010:The Fire Note
29 September 2010:i hate the sound of guitars
03 September 2010:beat the indie drum
Reviews for please freeze me:
26 March 2010:cementing the seams
Reviews for my museum pieces:
08 March 2010:The Red Alert
21 January 2010:Artvoice
07 December 2009:cementing the seams
28 October 2009:The Fire Note
22 October 2009:captains dead
Reviews for open windows:
23 April 2009:cementing the seams
Reviews for always stay sweet:
05 April 2009:All My Friends Who Play Guitar
17 March 2009:Cementing The Seams
10 October 2008:The Fire Note
03 October 2008:Artvoice
Reviews for whitespace differences:
21 November 2008:The Red Alert
04 June 2008:Delusions of Adequacy
02 June 2008:Online Rock
20 May 2008:Two Way Monologues
15 April 2008:RetroLowFi
11 April 2008:The Fire Note
29 February 2008:mymixtapes.org
Reviews for Chinese Food Takeover:
31 March 2002:Indie-Music.com
March 2002:Altarnative
04 June 2001:Delusions of Adequacy
June 2001:Ottawa X-Press
2001:Blue Dog Press
2001:Shredding Paper
:beat the indie drum
Reviews for Mastering the Buddy System:
17 September 2001:Delusions of Adequacy
2001:Ottawa XPress
2001:Shredding Paper
22 December 2000:Buffalo News
Reviews for Colorfast Anthems:
25 March 2001:WNY Music
25 September 2000:rockstar magazine
23 June 2000:Buffalo News
2000:Shredding Paper


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