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18 December 2012: Our fifth annual Christmas release is out, and it's free! You can download the 103MB .zip file , which includes all MP3s and cover art, or you can listen to and download individual tracks below:

14 December 2012: Our new EP, no one will know we were ever here, is out now! The digital version can be purchased at http://thegiftedchildren.bandcamp.com, and the vinyl version, limited to 33 copies of lathe-cut clear polycarbonate 7" records, ships this weekend!

You can order your copy now:
or stream the EP here:

16 November 2012: We are excited to announce that the vinyl version of our new EP, no one will know we were ever here, is now available for pre-order! limited to 30 copies of lathe-cut clear polycarbonate 7" records, these will ship in early december.

pre-order now:
or listen to a track from the EP here:

04 September 2012: We're excited to be part of The Rising Cost of Livin' High and Lovin' Hard: A 2xLP Tribute to Kris Kristofferson - 26 songs by 24 artists, including our version of 'enough for you' ... Check out the project on Kickstarter, where $10 gets you a 320k MP3 download, $25 gets you a copy of the double vinyl, and $100 will get you all sorts of cool things, including a lathe cut of four songs that didn't make it on the 2xLP (including a second song that we recorded for the project, a cover of 'when i loved her'). You can also preview the music on Soundcloud. Hope you can check out this cool project!

04 July 2012: Our new EP, our sporting lives, is released! The limited edition picnic plates are sold out, but the digital version is on sale at Bandcamp for just $2.99 (includes full album art and liner notes). Also, you can stream the EP below:


22 June 2012: The vinyl version of our new 3-song EP, our sporting lives, has sold out - thanks to everyone who bought a copy!

31 May 2012: The Falling Frames soundtrack is out now, featuring 4 previously unreleased songs by the gifted children, as well as 3 previously unreleased instrumentals by jeff suszczynski. You can stream the entire soundtrack below, or purchase the CD for $10.


17 May 2012: We've implemented an HTML5 widget for all of our streamable music on the site, so you can now listen to our discography on iPad, iPhone and other mobile devices that don't support Flash. Enjoy!

17 May 2012: Listen to some selected tracks from our upcoming releases this year:

16 May 2012: Michael Patrei's new film, Falling Frames, features more than 10 songs by the gifted children, as well as several unreleased instrumentals by jeff suszczynski. The soundtrack CD, available at the premiere in Utica on May 26, will feature all of them, including 4 previously unreleased gifted children songs... If you can't make it to the premiere but would like a copy, let us know.

02 May 2012: A couple of new developments that you might like to know about. First, we'll be releasing a lathe cut 7" this summer, tentatively titled ballad of an aging indie rocker. Copies will be extremely limited, ordering information coming soon. Also, we'll have a bunch of previously unreleased tracks on a soundtrack coming out later this month. More info on that soon as well...

17 April 2012: Just a quick update to let everyone know that we're still alive and well... In the coming months, we'll be releasing a new 6-song EP (May), appearing on a Kris Kristofferson tribute album (Summer) and releasing our first-ever vinyl full-length (September). Stay tuned for more information - we'll be trying to post somewhat regularly as things unfold.

03 Jan 2012: The Fire Note just reviewed our EP, the portable sun, giving it 4-out-of-5 flames and saying that the release "represents some of The Gifted Children's best ideas yet."

03 Jan 2012: Happy New Year! We'll have some preview tracks from upcoming release here soon; in the meantime, give a listen to the portable sun, our last non-Christmas release in 2011 - download selected tracks or stream the entire release:

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