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10/30: Download our new, free EP, autumn ghosts
9/29: New reviews for Building Your Lo-FI Shelter
8/31: Building Your Lo-Fi Shelter - 5CD, 112-song boxed set released!
August 31, 2010:
Building Your Lo-Fi Shelter, a 5-CD, 112-song boxed set that compiles all of our early, extremely limited, cassette-only albums and EPs... Includes 12-page booklets containing lyrics, credits and recording information for each CD plus a photo booklet capturing the band during their 4-track era.

Order the boxed set, shipping this week! -
$30 via Paypal (includes shipping)

Each of the 5 discs is also available for $8.00, including shipping. Just click the images below to order the individual CDs:


Listen to some songs from the recent boxed set release:
5/2: New collages posted
4/2: Jeff Miers from the Buffalo News -
"(the gifted children) has earned the right to be compared only to itself."
3/27: tracklisting, cover and MP3s posted for upcoming release, the portable sun ep
3/27: cementing the seams, from Alaska, relates to the wintry feel of please freeze me
3/15: The Red Alert writes that my museum pieces is 'an eclectic and inventive album'
3/2: New release, please freeze me, out now... Listen to MP3s of some of the songs.
1/21: Artvoice calls my museum pieces 'perhaps the band's fullest and most cohesive output yet'
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