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20 October 2009
The second volume of our vinyl-only series, 'one clear minute', will be available at our show on Friday, October 23, and will be 'officially' available to the public on Tuesday, October 27. You can pre-order or preview some of the songs here.
15 September 2009
Two new releases available today! For more info:
one clear minute, volume 1
my museum pieces
11 August 2009
We are launching a new, vinyl-only series called 'one clear minute' in September - each 7" record will be limited to 200 copies of mixed-color vinyl and will contain 8-12 songs, with a maximum song length of 60 seconds. This is our response to everyone who said our songs were too short - now we're shortening even further while still trying to make each song a fully realized idea unto itself. Let's see if we succeed...

There are already 6 volumes of one clear minute planned and written, with volume 1 set for a September release and volume 2 set for an October release. More info soon on pre-ordering.
07 July 2009
We had a great time playing two shows in Minsk, one at the Rock House Cafe and another at Ambasovishcha 2009. Our thanks to everyone at the U.S. Embassy who helped us, and thanks to everyone who came to the shows, asked for CDs, or just showed us a good time - we're looking forward to coming back to Belarus!
17 June 2009
Believe it or not, we're supposed to leave on Sunday, June 21, for our first-ever overseas shows. Invited by the State Department, we'll be playing in Minsk, Belarus. If you happen to live in or near Minsk, check out the show details here.
06 April 2009
We've gotten some new reviews for always stay sweet:
Cementing The Seams says always stay sweet is "generally a masterpiece..."
All My Friend Who Play Guitar calls always stay sweet "a very impressive release..."

Plus, the Buffalo News just gave us a great concert write-up.
02 April 2009
Download our 3 free March releases:
the reginald pantry lp
open windows
03 March 2009
We've got two free releases coming on March 10! The first, calvano, is a 5-song EP written and recorded by Jeff on February 20 with a laptop, a shitty mic and old instruments he found around his parents' house while stuck there due to bad weather. The second, the reginald pantry lp, consists of heavily manipulated live improv stuff that Jim, Justin, Jeff and Bill came up with on February 28 while working on mixes for their eternally unfinished hi-fi album. Both will be available online for free...
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