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the gifted children : NEWS 2006
2006 December 1
Jeff, Bill, Justin and Tim spent last Friday recording at the Homestead for our latest album, clutter the inbox.

Check out the photos from the session...
2006 October 17
I've made PC transfers of about 80 of the 100 tapes of 4-track material recorded between 1993-1999. The Building Your Lo-fi Shelter boxed set may be mixed and sequenced by next spring... The Relics of the Near Future boxed set is a huge work-in-progress that will likely take up 2 boxed sets, as there have been nearly 200 lost/forgotten songs unearthed so far.
2006 August 4
I just bought a new Tascam 424 MKIII in order to dump tracks from our old cassette 4-track days onto the PC. There are over 100 tapes of "studio" material, as well as about 30 live shows to dump. The results will eventually appear on the Building Your Lo-fi Shelter and Relics of the Near Future boxed sets.
2006 May 31
Album details for one clear minute!
We've got a rough tracklisting and some details on this new project... Hopefully, this album is just the first in a series of releases that have a 60 second per song maximum length. More details to come...
2006 January 27
New show announcement.
2006 January 11
A new year. 'Things are gonna change, I can feel it.' Or not. Either way, there will be plenty of recordings that no one will hear. Yes!

Speaking of which, we spent this past weekend recording in Rochester, NY, for four new releases. Tim Grimaldi took some time off from soul-selling to lay down a bunch of great drum tracks... Someday, I hope this catalog mountain sees release from some label, because it's pretty good stuff.
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