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2005 December 2
The December release of whitespace differences has been pushed back to January, as we're still waiting for permission on cover artwork. The photographer we're trying to use is excellent, but her management is less than responsive. Probably because we can't offer much money.

In other news, Tim and Aaron just recorded a bunch of drum tracks for the forthcoming album, one clear minute. This brings the total number of albums we're actively working on to 12. Catalog mountain...
2005 November 12
There are two gifted children albums now up on iTunes:
colorfast anthems and building your lo-fi shelter (4 eps from 1997).

That's right, you may now pay $0.99 to a huge corporation (we do get about 2/3 of that) for a 30 second outtake of Bill singing 'i'm gonna slap your ass with my hand' ...in falsetto... Yes, even the bonus 'hidden' tracks are up there, shamefully.

If you have already downloaded the iTunes software, you can just click here to view all the gifted children stuff on iTunes.

If you need to download the iTunes software, just click here first.
2005 October 26
Thanks to the diligence of Diligence, you can now purchase 3 of our releases online at CDBaby!

The following CDs are now available for online purchase through CDBaby:
colorfast anthems - our first studio album, released in 2000
Chinese Food Takeover - an 11-song album, released in 2001
Building Your Lo-Fi Shelter - a collection of 4 eps from 1997
2005 October 24
Added photos from some recent recording sessions.
2005 October 5
New Releases

With a little momentum from our first release since 2001, the commonwealth squelch, the finishing touches are being made on a bunch of new albums:

whitespace differences will be released on December 6, 2005... Recording and mixing are done, and I'm just trying to secure permission for the photo artwork.

In the past couple months, I've enlisted a bunch of friends to record all sorts of parts to fill out always stay sweet and my museum pieces... Cello, flute, saxophone, piano, clarinet, voices... Thanks to everyone who played and sang!

Now recording is done on always stay sweet, except for one drum track that Tim needs to do when he gets back from his rockst*r life with Tom Sartori. Look for a release in early 2006.

And my museum pieces is about 90% finished, with a probable release in Spring 2006. It's so much easier to do this shit on PC... Huzzah!
2005 September 7
Our first 'official' release in 4 years, a 4-song mini-ep called the commonwealth squelch, was released on Thursday, September 6. It's a download-only, FREE release, exclusively available at beattheindiedrum.com... We hope you enjoy!
2005 August 01
New music! Bill and I got together this past Friday... We wrote and recorded 4 new songs. The result is a mini-ep (4 songs, 4 minutes) that will be available for download in the next couple weeks. It's tentatively called the commonwealth squelch.
2005 July 11
I'm taking most of the summer off from website updates in order to enjoy the summer and keep working on all the unreleased albums. There are two more in the pipeline, but details are too sketchy to announce just yet. Please continue to come back to the site, though, as I'll be adding new MP3s as I start mixing some of the new songs down.
2005 July 10
Cleaned up the Press section so that album reviews are more readable.
2005 May 24
Added new concert photos from our Chinese Food Takeover CD release party. Photos by Jeff Garbaz.
2005 May 24
Updated information on our next release, always stay sweet
2005 May 09
After two weeks off, the 'Song of the Week' feature is again being updated. The latest song is a classic 4-tracker from 1996.
2005 April 21
Added new concert photos from our trips (2000-2002) to Virgo Bat and Leo Phrog's in Utica, NY. These were fun shows - Robin and Garrett were always great to us, and they took and sent us these new photos a while back.
2005 April 11
It's getting harder to keep recording and updating stuff as the weather improves, but I'm still updating the 'Song of the Week' every Monday. Please check back regularly!
2005 March 24
Added photos from our most recent recording session.
2005 March 23
Added two MP3s from the newest album, always stay sweet, to Songs from the Discography
2005 March 22
Added a new section, 'Band Info', that links to our Bio, Contact Information, and a near-complete listing of Band Members.
2005 March 22
I changed the 'Songs from the Discography' page to be devoted exclusively to MP3 links, instead of linking out to the Discography.

Also added a few photos to the Concert Photos section from a show we played with the Dismemberment Plan back in 2003.
2005 March 14
We recorded all drum and bass tracks for the new ep this past weekend, putting in more than 25 hours with Nick Hall and Aaron Boucher on drums, Bill Trautman on bass. It's sounding pretty good, I think. These are rock anthems in miniature...

For more information on this 10-song, 17-minute release, visit the EP's page in our Discography.
2005 February 25
Plans for recording the next gifted children EP are almost finalized, with the bulk of the recording to be done in mid-March... In contrast to many of our releases which languish in an almost-finished state for several years, we're going to try to complete all the tracking over the course of one weekend.

For more information on this 9-song, 14-minute release, visit the EP's page in our Discography.
2005 February 22
I added two new sections to the site:

First, a 'Visual' section that has a few band photos and scanned images of some of our concert posters over the years.

Second, I added a link to 'Related Projects', which contains information regarding just about every related project that the original members (Justin Sheehan, Bill Trautman, Nick Hall and Jeff Suszczynski) have ever been involved with. Some funny stuff - vintage photos (hopefully including a mullet or two) are forthcoming...
2005 February 07
New Song of the Week posted! I retooled this feature so that every Monday you'll be able to download a song that's up for inclusion on our future boxed set release, instead of third-rate table scraps... Hope you enjoy, and keep checking back each Monday!
2005 February 07
There's yet another EP release in works, which I'm pulling together from both my and Bill's song archives. This release promises to be short and sweet - 7 songs, 11 minutes! Tangential hooks and obscure lyrics aplenty. More info and MP3s coming soon...
2005 February 01
Added press section - release reviews, concert reviews and miscellaneous press smatterings.
2005 January 26
Added 35 more MP3 files. There are now more than 50 songs you can download, encoded at 192kbps.
2005 January 25
Lyrics to nearly every song in our discography are now in a database, so you can get to them from links in each release's tracklisting.
2005 January 24
There are now links to more than 20 MP3s in the discography... More to come - I just found out that we have 1GB of space, not 100MB, so I should be able to put 3-4 songs from each release up on the site for you to download.
2005 January 21
I just finished entering our discography into a database, so that the info can be dynamically pulled with ColdFusion. Huzzah! Next up - lyrics.

Also, Bill is working on the bass tracks to the upcoming album, everything is all right forever, which will probably be our last big rock album.

2005 January 18
We're working hard to record the finishing touches on all the backlog we've amassed over the past 4 years. There are new albums, eps, and even a boxed set planned. I won't even bother with release dates, because they've slipped so many times. But here's a list of our next releases, in what I hope will be chronological order: 
whitespace differences - a winter album that has a little bit of everything we've tried so far: distorted electronic beats, acoustic songs, indie rock anthems, noise rock, sadsack love songs, etc.
everything is all right forever - a summer rock album, mostly indie rock anthems with guitar/bass/drums
my museum pieces - a summer/fall album with a mix of indie rock bombast, acoustic slow dances and electronic trick or treating.
the afternoon needs you - a mostly acoustic autumn album with lots of cellos and piano. sadsack songs about failed relationships.
a new litany - another winter album with lots of knob-twiddling and noisy, effects-laden keyboards. these are the last songs we played live back in 2003.
what have we ever lost by dying? - yet another winter album. substance-laden writing abounds.
relics of the near future - a boxed set for an unknown band? hell yes. right now, it's 5 discs, about 120 songs... spans the almost completely ignored ten year existence of the gifted children, from 1995-2005. will feature liner notes from fans and friends of the band, many photos, and possibly a DVD of one of our shows at Alfred University.
2005 January 18
We're currently shopping our next album, whitespace differences, to a bunch of labels. Hopefully someone will enjoy what they hear and help us release the incredible backlog of material that we've stored up since our last release in 2001, Chinese Food Takeover.


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