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a slow winter(2016)
one clear minute, volume 04(2016)
new mexico(April, 2016)
absolution/hotel songs(2016)
clutter the inbox(May, 2016)
ephemeral footsteps(Autumn, 2016)
one clear minute, volume 05(Autumn, 2016)
what have we ever lost by dying?(February, 2017)
one clear minute, volume 06(June, 2017)
everything is all right forever(September, 2017)
the afternoon needs you(September, 2017)
aimless renters forever(2018)
the heavenly elixir(Summer, 2018)
lost transmissions(Autumn, 2018)
remedy the guestlist(Spring, 2019)
autumn drives(Autumn, 2019)
harvesttime in the midwest(Spring, 2020)
retouch(Summer, 2020)
relics of the near future (boxed set)(August, 2020)


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