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the gifted children : the reginald pantry
(March 17, 2009) 
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Description from tinhorn planet:
four of the gifted children got together to work on the untitled hi-fi collection that's been an unfinished plague for 7 years, and decided to vent some excess energy by making up some music.

the resulting new full-length album, the reginald pantry lp, takes the form of a soundtrack to an imaginary zombie film and is a pretty significant departure from past efforts. drawing more from the sculpted noise of artists like tim hecker, nadja and fennesz than on indie rock stalwarts guided by voices or pavement, the reginald pantry lp offers 14 collectively improvised pieces, captured live by a handheld digital recorder in a single afternoon.

the results were then dumped into jeff's computer and edited, looped, rearranged and soaked in cavernous reverb and layers of distortion to create an album wherein individual instruments lose their meaning.

no hooks, no lyrics, just pretty noise. this will be, at least initially, a free online-only release.
the players:

james earl sahr
justin sheehan
jeff suszczynski
bill trautman


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