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the gifted children : a turncoat spring
(April 29, 2008) 
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Description from tinhorn planet:
more parallel-universe hits from the prolific western new york band the gifted children. "a turncoat spring," already their 7th release so far this year, veers from catchy mantrarock ('halo') to paranoid apocalyptic fantasies ('the kingdom plentiful') to their shortest song yet recorded ('sum total' clocks in at a mere 11 seconds). this time, all the songs were written and recorded in a single night. substances may have played a role in the making...
all songs written march 29-30, 2008.
recording: march 29-30, 2008, at the homestead on mac; additional tracks recorded april 1-2, 2008, at bad wallpaper on pc.

produced by the gifted children

track 1 by jeff suszczynski
track 2 by jeff suszczynski/justin sheehan
tracks 3 & 5 by jeff suszczynski/bill trautman
track 4 by bill trautman

brett dreyer – voice on 4; tenor saxophones on 5
justin sheehan – voice on 2 & 4
jeff suszczynski – keyboards on 1; guitar on 1-3; voice on 1-4; drum machine on 1; bass on 5
bill trautman – bass on 2 & 3; guitar on 4; voice on 4; keyboard on 5


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