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the gifted children : harbinger themes, volume 02
(October 4, 2008) 
1. theme from 'stalwart and silo'
2. theme from 'ghosts of christmas'
3. theme from 'cherubs'
4. theme from 'my museum pieces'
5. theme from 'secret mayors of small towns'
6. theme from 'gathering splinters'
7. theme from 'always stay sweet'
8. theme from 'a matter of minutes'
9. theme from 'bring on the razors'
10. theme from 'a forest'
Description from tinhorn planet:
Volume 2 in an ever-expanding series that takes the pretty instrumental bits (that will likely be buried under layers of noise) from upcoming releases and lets them shine, unadorned ... Volume 2 has more noise, more cellos and more pianos.


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