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the gifted children : one clear minute, volume 02
(October 27, 2009) 
Listen to the entire album:
Description from tinhorn planet:
just a little more than a month after the first volume of the 'one clear minute' series was released, we're happy to announce that volume 02 is ready for release! once again, there's one rule: the maximum song length is 60 seconds. in that single minute, the gifted children have managed to create 9 more fully realized songs, not just little fragments or tossed-off ideas.

volume two again has a wide variety of sounds, ranging from noisy mini-anthems ('the arrhythmic fervor') to straight-up indie rock ('supper club', 'plebeian assault') to beatlesque pop ('welcome to sex in the 90s') to more stripped down, acoustic songs ('american night', 'empty homes') and more... 9 songs, 8 minutes, a lot of ideas and, perhaps most remarkably, a coherent flow from start to finish to make this a true mini-album.

Note: Available for sale only on vinyl, in a limited edition of 200 copies. Comes with digital copy on mini-CD for those who like the look of vinyl but don't have the equipment to play it.

Ship date: October 27, 2009. Price: $7
the players:

brett dreyer - tenor saxophone on 7
tim grimaldi - drumset on 2,4-7 justin sheehan - voice on 5
jeff suszczynski - keyboard on 2,4; guitar on 2-7,9; voice on 2,3,5-7,9; bass on 4,5,7; shaker on 5; piano on 8
bill trautman - guitar on 1,3,8; voice on 1,3,8; bass on 1,2,3,6,8; drumset on 1,3,8; effects on 3; keyboard on 8
alexander trimpe - voice on 7
sarah trimpe - voice on 7


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