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the gifted children : always stay sweet
(October 14, 2008) 
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Description from tinhorn planet:
Street date: October 14, 2008

'always stay sweet' is the the second full-length, and already the 9th (yes, we said 9th!), overall release for the gifted children in 2008... Brighter than its predecessor, 'whitespace differences', we think this album will convince you that the gifted children are perhaps the most criminally unknown band in the land.

From a 70-second pop anthem for the underdog ("the straw brigade") to a cello-filled ode to dying in plane crashes ("the dancehall atlantic") to a chamber-music-meets-Aphex Twin rumination on muses to the beautiful noise of the title track, 'always stay sweet' is the next great album of 2008...

For those who like comparisons, think Guided by Voices communing with Broken Social Scene and Red House Painters and you're partly there.
the players:

aaron boucher
brett dreyer
tim grimaldi
nick hall
katherine jacobs
tadd masterson
jim sahr
justin sheehan
jeff suszczynski
bill trautman


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