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the gifted children : Pocket Symphonies
1. a little fire [lyrics]
2. make-believe angel [lyrics]
3. the new life hotel [lyrics]
4. my table [lyrics]
5. Supernatural [lyrics]
6. latenight [lyrics]
7. dirge [lyrics]
8. the woman lit by fireflies [lyrics]
Our first stab at recording on minidisc 8-track after leaving the cassette 4-track world. We never really finished this, but circulated a handful of copies on cassette. Hopefully, this will be re-released in a package with another unfinished work from this time period, 'the upstate glow'...
brett dreyer - tenor saxophones
nick hall - drumset
justin sheehan - harmony voice, shaker
jeff suszczynski - guitars, voices, piano, keyboards
bill trautman - upright and electric basses


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