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the gifted children : our sporting lives
(July 3, 2012) 
Vinyl is sold out, thank you!
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Description from tinhorn planet:
a new 7" EP from the gifted children, limited to 21 copies lathe-cut on blue picnic plates. these 3 songs are also available in a digital version, for purchase at thegiftedchildren.com and here at tinhornplanet.com.

musically, the gifted children children are still keeping things interesting and richly textured while sticking with their short-and-sweet formula. the title tracks begins with a psychedelic swell of backwards guitars, droning keyboards and slide bass, reaching it's peak with a short and catchy verse-chorus led by acoustic guitars and double-tracked voices. next up is harbinger ebbward, which starts with acoustic guitars and keyboards, then drops into a simple keyboard/voice verse before blowing up again into a classic gifted children coda, complete with drum loops, noisy keyboards and melodic saxophones. the closing track is a quieter, piano-led song which sees some noisy keyboards slowly overtaking the plaintive vocals. in all, this is a short (less than 6 minutes long!) EP that refines the recent sound of the band, while still managing to add a few new tricks.


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