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the gifted children : BAND BIO
the gifted children is a music collective from rochester and buffalo, ny.

they've released 13 albums and more than 30 EPs since forming in 1995, and have recorded more than 1300 songs in their 18 year career... they specialize in concise, compelling, slightly cryptic and off-kilter songs, laced with shoegazer atmospherics and electronic noise. lyrics are literate, vivid and slightly obtuse.

the gifted children live show is an energetic mixture of pop songwriting genius, expert knob-twiddling, great harmonies and off-the-cuff banter. approachable and self-deprecating, they become fast friends with their audiences.

selected press quotes:

"The Gifted Children have survived long enough now to become the elder statesmen (and women) of Buffalo indie rock. From the mid-'90s onward, the collective has been tirelessly writing and recording its own brand of eclectic, atmospheric, left-leaning art-rock, the sort that makes folks like me go crazy with the hyphenated descriptives." - Jeff Miers, Buffalo News

"One of the most interesting, and talented, little-known indie bands around..." - Indie Rock Cafe

"...output (and quality) rival that of such legendarily prolific musos Bob Pollard and Prince." - Color Is Its Own Reward

"…to say that the band is prolific would be an understatement. They could be considered proud members of Guided by Voices leader Robert Pollard's 'write-10-songs-before-breakfast' club, but they are hardly another example of quantity over quality: You would be hard-pressed to find a single song in their catalog to be considered a 'throwaway'." - Eric Kendall, Artvoice Magazine

"One of the greatest unknown bands in all of the world." - Beat the Indie Drum

"Imagine a completely fresh approach to the Guided By Voices style of songwriting. The Gifted Children, perhaps the most prolific band you're going to hear of, write immaculate, unique, wonderful songs." - Jeff Marsh, Delusions of Adequacy

recommended for fans of:
guided by voices, broken social scene, radiohead, red house painters, the new pornographers, neutral milk hotel,
american music club, tim hecker, etc.

photos available upon request.

the gifted children
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